Most Concerns of Teenagers

Teenagers are often bluffed and puzzled by the fast changes that are taking place in the whole new world they are facing. They encounter changes both emotionally and physically so, it is typically a time for experimenting with risky behaviors, despite, good parenting and role modeling according from the article Teenage Health(2013) because they are at the stage of adolescence period that occurs at the age of 12 - 18 yrs old. It is the stage between childhood and adulthood which they can experience through life’s difficult situations on the way to adulthood is not easy. First and foremost, they need emotional and psychological support in the most difficult stage of their lives by their parents or friends (Lee Frances Emery, 2009). One of the changes is their physical appearance, they experience tremendous changes to their body like becoming taller, having changes to their voice, shape of their body and face, and etc. While their emotions and mental thinking became wider, wiser, and sensitive. This allows them to worry about their loved ones, their priories in their lives or their goals, and more. These changes can be compared to a “chick” because you’ll never be a chick without being inside the egg and you can’t be a chicken without being a chick and that’s a part of growing up that all of us could experience. They also developed having different concerns to their loved ones, education, and self-consciousness because of these changes.

The number one most concerns of the teenagers are their loved ones and these are their family and friends. Teenagers are concerned about their family because they are important to them and highly valued. Also, parents are important source of advice and support according to Chris (2009). Teenagers also concerned when they experience having family financial problems, lot of conflicts, parent’s separation and more. Likewise, friends have important role to their lives because friends are not just a companion but they are the one who understand your feelings, are there for you when needed, and cheers you up when things are looking down (Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, & Kimberly Kirberger, 1997) cause they are like a guardian angels that is always by your side in happy and hard times. Being separated from friends was often “a deeply unhappy experience” which could harm their mental health said Lucy Ward (2007).

Second is their education because it gave us knowledge that helps us to be ready and get a job when they become adult because “Knowledge is love and light and vision”, a quotation by Helen Keller (1997). But in their stage there are many disturbances or blocks their pathways to attain their dreams, goals, or achievements. The things that blocks on their education are their attitude or behaviors like being lazy on studies, doing other things first than studying, no priorities in their lives, having too much fun, too much stress or pressure in school, being dragged by bad influence people, and etc. These problems of teenagers also concerned by their parents but teenagers must remember these quotations: “Having a dream isn’t stupid, Norm. It’s not having a dream that’s stupid.”(Cliff Clavin, 1997) and “If you don’t daydream and kind of plan things out in your imagination, you never get there. So you have to start someplace.” (Robert Duvall, 1997)

Lastly, teenagers are concerned about their health, body image, and style or appearance. These identified as a major concern of teenagers and it was over 25.5% of the respondent to the National survey (Chris 2009). From the article of Teenage Health (2013), some teenagers are at risk of developing a negative body image which can lead to health problems, including crash dieting, eating disorders, and obesity. That is why they dislike the way they look and became very conscious about their appearance and insecure of other person who have nice body images. These are part of being self-consciousness because teenagers will do whatever they can do just to look good on others and have a healthy lifestyle.

Although, growing up can be an exciting time, it can also be confusing and challenging because teenagers are dealing with so many changes that sometimes they don’t know which end is up but being a teenager is one of the memorable times in our lives and we learn from them even our experiences could be a brutal teachers to us. They developed having concerns to their education, self-consciousness, and especially to their loved ones because they could experience tremendous changes in both physically and mentally. Therefor, being a teenager is a time for getting ready to adulthood which they could encounter more challenging experiences.

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